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Smith & Wesson 22A Pistol Review

This is great inexpensive pistol for target shooting or recreational shooting. The pistol is extremely accurate and is a good target pistol for shooters at all skill levels and it's made in the USA.


Smith & Wesson 22A Target Pistol
Smith & Wesson 22A Target Pistol

357 Magnum Revolver 10 Shot Revolver
22A Target Pistol 22A Field Strip
22A Firing Pin Removal 22A Extractor Remove
S&W 357 Magnum
S&W 357 Magnum
S&W 10 Shot Revolver
S&W 10 Shot Revolver
S&W 22A Pistol
S&W 22A Pistol
22 Caliber Pistol
22 Caliber Pistol

How Much Does The Smith & Wesson 22A Cost?

It's inexpensive. The price of (Smith & Wesson 22 A 22A .22 LR 5.5" Bull Hi Viz) on 9/17/2010 was $268.00. That is not a lot to pay for quality pistol that shoots with such accuracy. Check out the latest price.

Smith & Wesson 22A Pictures
Smith & Wesson 22a
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Caliber: .22 LR
Capacity: 10+1 Rounds
Barrel Length: 5.5" / 13.9 cm
Front Sight: Patridge
Rear Sight: Adjustable
Grip: Soft Touch
External Safety: Manual Thumb
Frame: Large
Finish: Two-Tone
Overall Length: 9.5" / 24.1 cm
Material: Aluminum Alloy Frame
Stainless Steel Slide
Weight Empty: 34.4 oz / 975.2 g
Purpose: Recreational/ Hunting


• Adjustable Sights
• Grey Frame with Black Barrel and Slide
• Full Length Sight Bridge with Integral Weaver Style Optics Mount
• Tool-less Takedown
• Soft Touch Grip
• Ambidextrous Magazine Release


Impressive looking. You can see for your self by checking out the pictures.


Very accurate target pistol. Shoots straight all the time.


I have had mine for a while now and have had no problems with jams as long as you use the right 22LR ammunition and keep it clean and lubricated.


The S&W 22A has little or no felt recoil. After all it is a 22LR caliber handgun that is fairly big and heavy.

Customer Reviews

At BudsGunShop.com 9 out of 9 customers rated the S&W 22A at 5/5 stars.


Easy to clean and maintain. Field stripping is fast and easy and requires no tools.


  1. S&W 22A, 22LR 5.5 Bull HV BL Pistol Field Strip & Cleaning

  2. S&W 22a Firing Pin Removal, Cleaning & Reassembly

  3. S&W 22a Broken Firing Pin

  4. S&W 22a Broken Firing Pin SPRING

  5. Smith & Wesson 22A Extractor Removal & Installation Instructions

  6. Smith & Wesson 22a Pistol Parts List & Exploded View

  7. Gun Case For Smith & Wesson Model 22a, 22LR Pistol


Feedback Messages


Hard To Pull Slide On 22A Pistol

January 16, 2013
Message: I have great difficulty pulling back the slide due to shoulder surgery. Any solutions to this. Thanks, Chuck

Response - Chuck
Which gun are you referring to? If it's a Glock I think there's a gizmo out there that can help. Tanner

S&W 22A. One has to pinch the receiver from behind because only the slide moves and not the whole assembly. I also have a Glock 21 in 45 Cal. I have no difficulty because I can get my whole hand envolved. Thanks, Chuck

Chuck, Now I know what you mean. I don't care for that either. I did find one thing that may help, but I don't know anything about it other than what's shown. You may want to check it out.
Good luck, Tanner


Large Grips On S&W22a

September 9, 2012
A relative approached me with an offer to buy his s&w 22a (talo?)..this pistol has wooded grips that seem to be extremely LARGE !! he say s&w sells grip that are smaller...my question is how much small?..thanks.

Response - Mike,
The width of my Smith & Wesson 22a grips is 1 1/4". I have included pictures of my "standard grips" on this page. Before you buy the gun, it you might want to stop at a gun shop and get a feel of what standard grips are like and how much they would cost you if you were to order them. Changing grips may offset the deal you are getting from your relative. Best regards,


Highly Recommend the Smith & Wesson 22a

March 19, 2012
My first handgun is this model. I love the 22a! I picked it up this past Friday night, and went to the range yesterday. I put 650 rounds (200 cci hollow point and 450 blazer bullnose) though it without a single misfire or jam. The action is super smooth and getting used to the mag release becomes second nature after three or four magazines have been run through. I would highly recommend this piece for anyone looking for an all-around dependable gun! Tom


Smith & Wesson 22a Pistol Ammo

January 3, 2012
I have had and enjoyed my s&w 22a for six months. I shoot Federal in the #525 brick, I am on my 6th box with one fail to eject all the way a box and a half ago. I put a red dot sight on a week ago and it makes it even more fun. I am a s&w man model 65-357 642-38sp and one springfield 1911 45 mil-spec. I love my s&w 22a.


SW 22a Pistol Problem

June 17, 20110
I purchased a S&W 22A a couple of years ago and could not get the sights adjusted to get a group into the black at 50 yards, they were in the 8 ring at 6 o'clock on a bulls eye target. I sent it back to the factory and after about two months called and asked where my gun was. They informed me it would take a little while longer. When I asked to speak to one of the gunsmiths I was told they didn't have any gunsmiths working there, just repairmen. When they finally returned my .22 all they did was bend the bridge on the rear sight. I'm a retired Army shooter and a member of a national record setting service pistol (.45 at the time) four man team, so I can hold my own on the range. I gave the gun and everything that came with it away because it wasn't worth even using as a paper weight. As far as I'm concerned the only .22 automatic that S&W ever made that was worth a darn was the Model 41, the older ones. I like their revolvers, but not their autos anymore.


Sent: Monday, July 19, 2010
Subject: SW 22a Pistol Field Striping & Cleaning

Really appreciate the instructions. Photos and tips great for learning how to properly take down and clean/lube.
Thanks most kindly.



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