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Hi-Point Carbine, Model 995B, 9mm
Disassembly & Cleaning

Step by step disassembly, cleaning and assembly Instructions with photographs for the Hi-Point 995B 9mm Carbine.


Hi-Point 995B 9mm Carbine


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Hi-Point 995B 9mm Carbine Disassembly

Tools needed: 8mm or 5/16" socket, adjustable wrench, Allen wrench set, flat screwdriver, gun cleaning supplies.

Step 1 - Remove the Hi-Point Magazine.

Step 2 - Verify gun is empty (pull the bolt back and look inside).

Charging Handle
Step 3- Remove the charging handle and roller (unscrew the bolt head).

Front Sight Post Screws

Front Sight Post

Step 4 - Remove the front sight post. (loosen two Allen screws on bottom). The barrel shroud may come off too.

Receiver Shroud Bolts
Step 5 - Remove the receiver shroud. (remove the 2 bolts with nut inserts). The receiver shroud is the top metal part that holds the rear sights on. It will just lift off when the bolts are removed.

Step 6 - Remove the top receiver shroud.

Barrel Shroud & Receiver
Shroud Removed

Step 7 - Remove the barrel shroud. The barrel shroud is the long thin metal piece that covers the top of the barrel.

Barrel Band Screw/Bolt

Barrel Band Screw/Bolt

Step 8 - Remove the barrel band screw/bolt. (unscrew it by hand if sling installed or with Allen wrench).

Bottom Clip

Bottom Clip - Tapping It Forward

Bottom Clip

Bottom Clip Removed

Step 9 - Remove the receiver and the barrel together as an assembly by removing the bottom clip by tapping it forward with a flat screwdriver. It will push forward and come out.
Barrel & Receiver Shroud Removed: Hi-Point 995B 9mm Carbine
Barrel & Receiver Shroud Removed

Step 10 - Remove the barrel and receiver together. Pull it out of the plastic stock. If it's stuck, try pushing from the bottom at the serial number plate.

Barrel Band On Barrel

Barrel Band Removed

Step 11 - Remove the barrel band.

Step 12 - Flip barrel and receiver assembly face upward. Pull the back clip (backwards) to relieve the little plunger. May have to force it back by tapping with flat screwdriver or pry it back with large flat screwdriver.

Step 13 - To remove the receiver, pull back on receiver then back, a little upwards and out, then ride it out to the front of the barrel. Be careful, as the spring and plastic rod may fly out if not controlled.

Recoil Spring

Step 14 - Remove the recoil spring with plastic insert. (the plastic insert faces forward towards the muzzle of the gun).

Step 15 - Take the little plunger off (slide it out).

Firing Pin & Springs
Step 16 - Tip the bolt backward to get the (2) springs and firing pin out. Carefully note the order of the parts for re-assembly. The small spring goes inside the larger one.

Parts 1

Parts 2
Step 17 - Clean and lube all removed parts.

Hi-Point Carbine Assembly, Model 995B, 9mm

  1. Install the firing pin and two springs.

  2. Install the little plunger.

  3. Install the recoil spring with plastic insert. (plastic insert faces forward towards the muzzle of the gun).

  4. To install the receiver, ride the receiver over the front of the barrel, make sure the recoil spring is compressing properly, push the receiver up and over and down and the little plunger snaps into place.

  5. Push the back clip forward. May have to tap into position. Make sure plunger is locked in.

  6. Slip the barrel band onto the barrel.

  7. Insert the barrel and receiver assembly together into the plastic stock.

  8. Install the bottom clip by tapping it rearward with a flat screwdriver. It will push back and lock flush).

  9. Install the barrel band screw/bolt.

  10. Install the barrel shroud.

  11. Install the receiver shroud. (install the 2 bolts with nut inserts).

  12. Install the front sight post. (tighten two Allen screws). Orient with small bolt head facing forward.

  13. Install the charging handle and roller (tighten with wrench).

  14. Perform functional test. Rack the bolt a couple times. Test fire. Install and eject magazine. Verify capability to lock the receiver open.


Feedback & Comments


Sent: November 5, 2011
Subject: Hi-Point Carbine Field Strip & Cleaning Instructions

Thanks for the instructions on disassembly & cleaning. The manual (2 page pamphlet) that came with the weapon was very high level. Much more effort involved than cleaning my Glock 17. Will I have to re-sight the weapon each time I clean it? Pete

Response - Pete,

I know what you mean. I have a Glock 19 that I clean immediately after each use, partly because it is so easy to field strip and clean. Not so for this carbine. That's probably one of the reasons that I don't shoot it that much. It's also the main reason I took a lot of pictures and made the webpage (so I'll know how to do it each time).

I wouldn't think you would have to re-sight it each time. I think the front sight is locked into place by the shroud, but I am not sure right now. To be honest I don' think I ever sighted this gun.

Best regards,



Sent: May 27, 2011
Subject: Hi-Point Carbine Manual

HI. I nead the new operators man for the new 45 hi point carbine . love this gun... and the c9 pistol. I gust got them 4 days ago. It out shot my m1 carbine..... THANK YOU LARRY

Response - Larry,

Hi-point manuals can be found on the Hi-Point website (http://www.hi-pointfirearms.com/manuals/manuals.html).

Best regards,


Sent: Monday, November 29, 2010
Subject: Hi-Point Carbine 4095ts

Hey like the website info but I took my shroud top plate off of the 4095ts and 2 black little plates fell out? Im not sure if they go between underneath the shroud or above caught me off gaurd, and I didnt notice that in your disassembly pics/?? Strange thanks..wait for your comment..

Response - Bobby,

Sorry. I don't think that I can help you much. I'm pretty sure my carbine doesn't have two little plates as you describe or else I would have made notes and documented it in the pictures. It must be a difference in the guns.

It sounds like they are back up plates #7 as shown on the Exploded View Illustration on the following page.

It doesn't show exactly where they go but it gives a general idea. Hopefully you can figure it out.

Good luck.


Sent: Sunday, October 24, 2010
Subject: Feedback Form

Thanks for the help.
I just got my 995TS today & dailed it in, shoots GREAT. Now how often should it be cleaned?
Thanks Steven

Response - Steven

Everyone has different opinions as to how often to clean a gun.

Cleaning any gun depends on a number of factors.
- The type of ammo do you shoot (some ammo is dirtier that others).
- How lazy you are.
- How many rounds you shoot at each session.
- They type of firearm you shoot (some guns are more susceptible to dirt than others).
- How reliable you want your firearm to be (for self defense and hunting
purposes I would think that cleaning after each use would be suitable. Target shooting at the range would not be as crucial and you could slide on some cleanings if needed).

As to your Hi-Point..
The Hi-Point manual says that for your carbine, the barrel should be brushed every 300-400 rounds and complete disassembly and cleaning should be performed every 1,500-2,000 rounds.

It might be a good idea to clean it after every use to just familiarize yourself with the gun, then judge for yourself from how much dirt you see at each cleaning as to how often you actually need to do it.

Best regards,


Sent: Saturday, September 25, 2010 6:06 AM
Subject: Hi-Point Carbine, Model 995B 9mm Firing Pin

Where do i get a firing pin for a 995 9mm carbine asap i would appreciate it.

Response - Jelly

Call Hi-Point or send them an email telling them exactly what you need. I am told they will often send you the part you need for free.

From the Hi-Point website - "For warranty, service, parts, or accessories, contact: info@hi-pointfirearms.net or call 1-866-948-4867".

Best regards,




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