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Glock 26 Stuck Recoil Spring Rod

After I cleaned and reassembled my Glock 26 the recoil spring rod stuck out the front as shown in the picture. Another picture shows the position of the Glock Recoil Spring Assembly immediately after this happened.


Glock 26 Stuck Recoil Spring Rod
Glock 26 Pistol Recoil Spring
Guide Rod Sticking Out

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I field stripped and reassembled the Glock 26 about 8 more times after this first happened and it occurred twice more. I could not get it do happen again after that. I examined the recoil spring rod assembly and there was no evidence of broken parts.

After doing some research on the internet it seems that the problem was caused by not seating the recoil spring assembly all the way down to it's installation lip on the barrel. Just to be on the safe side I ordered a spare recoil spring assembly for my Glock 26 and a spare recoil spring for my Glock 19.

Glock 26 Stuck Recoil Spring Guide Rod

Glock 26 Recoil Spring Guide Rod
Protruding About Half Inch
Glock 26 Recoil Spring Assembly
Improper Alignment

Follow-up: I took the Glock 26 to the armorer. He said that I probably misaligned the recoil spring assembly when I reassemble it after cleaning and that there was nothing wrong with the recoil spring assembly. I appears a little crooked or slanted because it is comprised of two springs of different sizes, and when it lays in the cradle it looks a little crooked. He said to visually check the alignment before each reassembly to ensure that it does not happen again. He then offered to replace the recoil spring assembly with a new one if I wanted him to. I indicated yes and he replaced the spring. He also told me with the Glock should be good for around 500,000 rounds and that with the Glock warranty if anything ever happens to it they will fix it or replace it at no cost, even if the dog chews it.

When should I replace my Glock recoil spring?

Glock Factory Recoil Springs should last for thousands of rounds fired. I know of no set time as to when to replace it. It could last the life of your Glock. To be on the safe side I purchased a space recoil spring and keep it in my range bag. They are very inexpensive and easy to obtain. If I ever do have any problems it will only take seconds to change out the spring.

Glock Recoil Spring References

  1. And I know the thing you are talking about with the guide rod sticking out. That's caused by not ensuring the end of the rod is seated all the way in the reassembly notch in the barrel. Make it a habit to push it back down into the notch as soon as you take the upper off the frame, unless you are about to remove the barrel. http://www.tallahasseegunforum.com/forum/showthread.php?p=96617

  2. You may be putting the spring retainer in the "operating" position and not the "assembly" position on the barrel lug. When installing the recoil spring of all Glocks, be certain you use the lower semicircular, cradle-like, rest. The first time you rake the slide the spring will move out of the assembly cradle and into its operating position. http://glockcarry.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=1129


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Glock 26 Won't Disassemble

April 20, 2011
After buying my new Glock 26 I took it apart to learn how to clean it. Now it won't disassemble at all. Could I have installed the recoil spring assembly backwards?


Response - Scott,

I assume you mean you cannot remove the slide from the receiver.

I doubt if you installed the recoil spring backwards. I just tried it with mine to see if it was possible and it wouldn't install that way.

When you put the slide back on, did it slide on easily or did you have to use some force to get it on? If it was hard to get on (which is should never be) you may not have set the recoil spring to the lower rung position of the barrel.

Are you sure you pulled the trigger before trying to disassemble it? If you don't do that first (after making sure the gun is unloaded) you won't be able to pull down the slide lock to remove the slide.

More information is needed on what happened and what you did.

Best regards,



Stuck Glock 26 Slide

September 07, 2010
I accidentally assembly my G26 without the spring recoil, now the slide & barrel stuck. How do I remove the stuck slide with the barrel inside? Saw YouTube video show you press the slide forward & pull the trigger at the same time & the slide came out, but in my case I have the barrel inside.


Response - Peter

I saw that same video a long time ago.

Assembling the Glock 26 without the recoil spring has never happened to me (not yet anyway), so I don't know for sure how to get them apart, but I think I know a method that will work.

Assuming that the striker is what is holding them together as the guy in the video said, why not remove the striker?

It is easy to do and your gun should come apart easily (hopefully).

Even though the instructions show how to disassemble and clean a Glock 26 slide after it has been removed from the Glock it should still work in your case.

Simply pry off the back cover of the slide and shake the striker out. With luck your slide will come off then. You can reinstall the striker per the
instructions. If you try this, please let me know if it worked.

Good luck.




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