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My Glock 19 Trigger Pin Broke In Half

I don't know if it happens very often (probably not) but the trigger pin of my Glock 19 pistol broke when I forcibly inserted (slamed) the magazine into the magazine well of my pistol. I don't know if this was a result of my "popping the magazine in" or just coincidental timing.


Broken Glock 19 Trigger Pin
That's Where It Fell Out

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How My Glock 19 "Broke"

I recently purchased my first webcam and I was trying to make a video for my webpage "Glock 19 Slide Comes Forward By Itself When Magazine Is Slammed Into The Magazine Well".

During the recording of the video, after I had just "slammed" the magazine into the pistol, I heard something hit the floor. It looked like a small metallic rod.

I picked it up and took it into my kitchen where I cleaned it off and examined it. I also inspected my Glock.

I discovered that the pin was part of the trigger pin. Looking at the right side of the Glock you can see the vacant trigger pin hole and on the left you see the other half of the pin still installed.





The remaining part is larger and still doing it's job because when I dry fired my pistol the trigger pull and sound were normal.

I removed the remaining half of the pin and photographed each portion. I then bagged up all the parts of my G19 and stored it until I can get a new pin.


Good Thing I Still Have My Glock 26!


Waiting For A Replacement Glock Trigger Pin

My Glock 19 is out of commission until I get a replacement pin. Instructions for removing and replacing the pin can be found in the Glock Trigger Removal & Installation procedure.

Now I have to contact Glock's Customer Service to see if they will send me a replacement or if I have to purchase one online.


I called Glock Customer Service

I called Glock Customer Service and they were NO BIG HELP.

The technical representative said he has never heard of that happening before. He also said that I would have to send my gun to them for them to take a look at it or take it to a Glock armorer to get the pin replaced.

He said he could not send me a replacement trigger pin because I was not a Glock Certified Armorer.

I asked him if I couldn't just buy one somewhere and install it. He said I would have to check online.

(I'm pretty sure I have seen chrome plated Glock pins for sale online somewhere. I will have to check it out. I'm sure not going to send it to Glock for such a simple pin replacement).


UPDATE: 5/29/2013

More Than The Trigger Pin Broke

Glock 19 Locking Block Broken

I ordered a replacement trigger pin online at The Glock Store, then canceled the order when I found out it would take more than a week before they could even ship the part.

Then, I checked my records and found that I purchased the gun at a local gun shop and that it was under warranty.

In preparation to taking it to the gun shop, I cleaned my G19 and discovered it had a broken locking block. I was surprised to see that.


Glock 19 Receiver &  Broken Locking Block  Glock 19 Broken Locking Block  Half of Broken Locking Block In Glock 19  Glock 19 Broken Trigger Pin and Locking Block  Broken Locking Block & Trigger Pin Of Glock 19

I took these pictures after I discovered the broken locking block of my Glock 19 

I took it to the gun shop and talked with the gunsmith.

In his judgment, the trigger pin most likely broke at the range and not at home when I "slapped in" the magazine (the pin happened to fall out at that time).

He said that a broken trigger pin is not common but he has seen it before. He has not seen a locking block broken in that way.

He thought that possibly the movement of the slide against the locking block (along with the broken trigger pin) caused the locking block to break.

He did not have a spare locking block so he kept the gun for repair and would call me when he gets the part in. He also said he would talk to Glock about it and indicated that they may want the gun shipped to them for inspection and repair (I hope not).

Side Note - My friend Carl knows that I have not replaced the recoil spring since I purchased the gun in 2008 (after more than 22,000 shot through it). He suggested that the recoil spring is probably weak and permits the slide to ram back against the locking block with more force than it normally would. He suggested replacing the recoil spring.

Good Suggestion!



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