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Glock Slide - Parts, Cleaning & Maintenance

Everything you need to know about maintaining and repairing your Glock pistol slide including instructions for taking it apart, cleaning it and enhancing it.

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Guns: Glock Slide Assembly Exploded View Parts


Here is a list of procedures and reviews for maintaining, diagnosing and repairing your Glock pistol slide.


Glock Slide Procedures


Glock Slide Exploded View Parts

Exploded view of the Glock Slide Assembly along with parts information, pictures and removal/installation instructions.


Slide Disassembly & Cleaning

Step by step instructions with photographs for disassembling and cleaning the slide of a Glock 19 semi-automatic pistol. The slide is one of the most neglected parts of a Glock. It is important to periodically clean the slide and all of it's components to ensure the proper functioning of your Glock.


Firing Pin Assembly & Disassembly

Easy step by step pictorial instructions for disassembling and reassembling Glock Firing Pin Assembly.


Firing Pin Exploded View Parts

Exploded view of the Firing Pin Assembly along with parts information, pictures and removal/installation instructions.


G19 Firing Pin Plunger

The above pictures show the G19 firing pin plunger and spring that were removed from my pistol after having fired over 25,000 rounds through it. Note the deformed end of the plunger. It looks a little squashed but it still does the job.


Extended Slide Lock Lever

Is The Extended Slide Lock Lever Worth Getting? The short answer is YES. If you field strip and clean your pistol frequently you should get one of these. Lone Wolf GESL01C Chrome Extended Slide Lock Lever.


G19 Extended Slide Stop Lever

This G19 extended slide stop lever review tells you how to install slide stop lever #GESSL01-A and tells you if its worth it.


Lone Wolf Extended Side Lock Lever

This G19 extended slide stop lever review tells you how to install slide stop lever #GESSL01-A and tells you if its worth it.


Glock Slide Cover Plate Removal

The slide cover plate is that small black plate on the back of your Glock slide. It holds the firing pin and the extractor plunger assembly in place and must be removed from time to time for maintenance purposes. It's easy to remove the plate. You basically just pry it off with a screwdriver (see the following steps), but you have to be careful because the parts beneath it are under spring pressure and may come flying out.


Glock Slide Lock Replacement

Easy step by step pictorial instructions for removing and replacing the Slide Lock.


Glock Slide Lock SPRING Replacement

What Is A Slide Lock Spring? The slide lock spring is a shaped piece of spring steel that is installed into the frame or receiver of a Glock pistol.


Recoil Springs For Glocks

How Often Should I Change The Recoil Spring Assembly In A G19? The factory recommends every 7,000 rounds. Some guns have gone as far as 100,000 rounds without changing the spring. It's the owner's call.


Glock Slide Won't Come Off

After you field strip and clean your pistol, once in a while, you may forget to reinstall the recoil spring when you put it back together. When you do that you quickly find that something is wrong and now you can't get it apart again. You try field stripping it again but the slide won't go forward. Now you're stuck with an inoperative gun that you can't disassemble. What do you do?


Glock Extractor Depressor Plunger Exploded View

Extractor Depressor Plunger Parts & Procedures


G19 Firing Pin Plunger Pictures

Pictures of a G19 Firing Pin Plunger.


Scratches on G26 Rails

The other day I was cleaning my G26 pistol before going to the range and I noticed some scratches on the forward rails. Earlier when I field stripped it, the slide seemed to get a little "stuck" when I slide if forward and off the barrel. That wasn't normal but it came off without too much difficulty. Then I saw the scratches. I was afraid that the rails got jammed up against the slide and caused a little marring or damage.


G26 Extractor

This is the extractor that came out of my friends G26 after he began having failure to extract problems.



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