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Glock Pistol Maintenance & Repair

Everything you need to know about maintaining and repairing your Glock pistol including instructions for taking them apart, cleaning them and enhancing them. Here is a list of procedures and reviews for maintaining, diagnosing and repairing your Glock Pistol. While some may be written for a Glock 19 or 26, most are applicable for all Glock pistols.

GLOCK 19 Review GLOCK 26 Review
Exploded View & Parts Trigger Job
Slide Disassembly Trigger Removal
Magazine Disassembly Diagnosing & Repairing
Failure To Extract Extended Slide Lock
Extended Mag Release All Glock Reviews
Glock 19 Pistol
Glock 19 Pistol
Glock 26 Pistol, Ammo & Magazine
Glock 26 Pistol
Glock 17
Glock 17 Pistol
Glock Firing Pin Assembly
Firing Pin


Glock Parts

Glock Diagram Exploded View & Parts

Exploded view of the Glock Slide Assembly along with parts information, pictures and removal/installation instructions.


Owners Manual

Glock Owner's Manual 2011

Glock Safe Action Pistols Manual for All Models.


Glock Pistol Maintenance

Glock Field Strip Instructions

Field stripping your pistol for normal cleaning or inspection consists of dismantling it into its main component parts (slide, barrel, recoil spring assembly, receiver & magazine). It comes apart in seconds. No special tools are needed.


How To Lubricate Your Glock Pistol

Step by step instructions for lubricating your pistol as stated in the manual.


Installing & Removing Glock Parts

Procedures and instructions for removing, installing or replacing pistol component parts.


Field Inspection - Field Stripped

Step by step instructions for field inspecting your field stripped pistol. These inspections should be performed any time the pistol has been disassembled and reassembled to ensure proper operation. Other appropriate times would be whenever a pistol is returned to service, bought, sold or traded.


Field Inspection - Assembled

Step by step instructions for field inspecting your fully assembled pistol.


Inspection Checklist

Form for inspecting pistols.


Scheduled Replacement Parts

As with every type of machine and all firearms, Glock pistols do have some parts and occasionally require maintenance, adjustment or replacement. Wearable parts are those that by their very nature will not maintain absolute factory specifications forever and will need to be monitored periodically for satisfactory function. Generally it is recommended that all pistols be detailed disassembled and inspected by a certified armorer at least annually.


Cleaning Instructions

Cleaning a pistol is fast and easy compared to many other handguns. Normal cleaning requires field stripping the pistol into its main component parts (slide, barrel, recoil spring assembly, receiver & magazine). It comes apart in seconds. No special Glock tools are needed.


Glock 19 Slide Disassembly & Cleaning

Step by step instructions with photographs for disassembling and cleaning the slide of a G19 semi-automatic pistol. The slide is one of the most neglected parts of a Glock. It is important to periodically clean the slide and all of it's components to ensure proper functioning.


Glock Magazine Disassembly & Cleaning

Magazines seem to last forever. The only reason you would need to disassemble one would be to clean it or replace the magazine spring. Disassembly is fast and easy (once you know what you are doing). Removing the magazine base plate (or floor plate) is the hardest part of the disassembly process. It's not really hard. You just have to do it once to know how much force to use and how to manipulate the punch. The entire disassembly of the magazine can be done in less than a minute. Here are the steps to follow.


Cleaning Glock Magazines

Step by step instructions for cleaning magazines. They seem to last forever, but they should be cleaned periodically to ensure best performance. Cleaning them is fast and easy (once you know what you are doing). The hardest part is taking them apart for the first time. After that, it gets easier.


Diagnosing & Repairing Your Pistol

Diagnosing & Repairing Glock Pistol Problems

How to diagnose and repair your pistol. Glock repair chart with common problems, causes and corrections with related procedures for repairing your pistol.


Parts Of A Glock

The pistol is a simple and reliable handgun. It hardly ever fails, but if it does, individual parts can easily be replaced by the guns owner. Here is some information about parts and how to remove and install them.


G19 Failure To Extract

Today I was shooting zombies at the range and I had my first failure to extract (FTE) problem with my G19. That surprised me because I have had my gun for four year now and I have put over 20,000 round through it without any problems.


G19 Problems

If you are thinking of getting a Glock 19 and are looking into "what's bad about the G19", let me save you some work. Here is a summary of what I found out.


Weak G26 Mag Spring Causes Failures

After many years of problem free shooting of his G26, my friend began having failure to extract problems. To fix this, he cleaned his gun, inspected the chamber, extractor, extractor spring and his magazines looking for a problem. After calling customer service they suggested that it was most likely an extractor problem and that he replace it.


G26 Extractor Problem

I was at the range yesterday shooting zombies with my G19. My friend Carl was shooting his G26. About half way through our session Carl had his first jam. Inspection of the jam revealed that the slide was stuck in the rearward position, the empty 9 mm casing was pulled about 1/4 inch out from the chamber and the top most round of ammunition in the magazine was rubbing against it. To unjam it he had to lock the slide back, remove the magazine and push out the casing with a rod. Identical failure to extract (FTE) jams happed about 5 more times during the remaining of our shooting session (50 rounds of ammo).


Scratches on G26 Rails

The other day I was cleaning my G26 pistol before going to the range and I noticed some scratches on the forward rails. Earlier when I field stripped it, the slide seemed to get a little "stuck" when I slide if forward and off the barrel. That wasn't normal but it came off without too much difficulty. Then I saw the scratches. I was afraid that the rails got jammed up against the slide and caused a little marring or damage.


G26 Stuck Recoil Spring Rod

I took these pictures of my G26 stuck recoil spring rod. This problem happened after I cleaned and reassembled my pistol.


Glock Failure To Extract

How to fix and repair your pistol. Repair chart with common Glock problems, causes and corrections for repairing your pistol.


Gen4 Recoil Spring Recall

This is the letter that my friend received from Glock, Inc. along with the replacement recoil spring for his Gen4 G17.


Pearce Grip Ext. Pinching Problem Fix

The Pearce Grip Extension for subcompact Glocks feels good in your hand and gives you a better grip on your gun, but it pinches your pinkie finger every time you shoot.


Glock Slide Won't Come Off

After you field strip and clean your pistol, once in a while, you may forget to reinstall the recoil spring when you put it back together. When you do that you quickly find that something is wrong and now you can't get it apart again. You try field stripping it again but the slide won't go forward. Now you're stuck with an inoperative gun that you can't disassemble. What do you do?



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