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Glock Grip Extensions Review
Pearce PG-2733 For Glock 26/27/33


Glock 26 without Grip Extension
Glock 26 without Grip Extension

With Pearce Grip PG-2733 Extension

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Pearce Grip PG-2733 Grip Extension

GLOCK model 26/27/33 plus extension Pearce Grip PG-2733 Grip Extension. Replaces the magazine floor plate converting the factory model 27/33 magazines to ten round capacity and converts the factory model 26 magazine to twelve round capacity. All your State and local laws apply. These units alter the capacity of the Sub Compact magazines increasing their capacity. These units blend with the contours and texture of the handgun giving a factory appearance. They are made from High Impact Polymer and withstand drop tests at temperatures from -20 F to 350 F. They form the next logical finger positioning feature to provide control and comfort without sacrificing conceal ability. Provides magazine identification via Mag-Track for those that rotate magazine usage. Get One At Amazon.com.


GOOD - It's cheap, feels good in the hand, gives you a better grip on the gun, improves accuracy and gives your 1 round additional capacity (suppose to give you two rounds).

BAD - It has a sharp forward edge and leaves a gap in the gun grip that pinches your fingers each time you fire it. Fortunately there is a simple "fix" to this problem.

Pearce PG-2733 - This Is What You Get In The Package

Package Contents Insert & Base Plate Insert Insert In Base Plate

Pearce PG-2733 Grip Extension

This is what a Glock 26 magazine looks like with and without the Pearce Grip Extension PG-2733. The PG-2733 has high customer reviews on the internet mostly due to the great feel of the grip extension in your hand and the extra room provided for your pinkie finger. It does give you a better grip on the pistol.

Without Grip Extension
the stock Glock 26 magazine holds 10 rounds.
With the Pearce Grip Extension
the Glock 26 magazine holds 11 rounds. It is advertised to hold 12 rounds (two additional rounds) but it doesn't.
Glock 26 Magazine Without Extension
Glock 26 Magazine With Pearce PG-2733

Pearce PG-2733 - 2 Extra Rounds? NOT REALLY!

Pearce Grip PG-2733
Back Of Package

The Pearce PG-2733 magazine extension is advertised to give you 2 additional 9mm rounds in the magazine (see picture showing the back of the package). IT DOES NOT! IT ONLY PROVIDES CAPACITY FOR ONE EXTRA ROUND!

If you read the reviews of the Pearce PG-2733 you will find that the majority of users who installed the grip extension were only able to load one additional round into their 9mm Glock 26 magazine. A few indicated the ability to load two additional rounds. It is unclear on how they did this.

Pearce PG-2733 Grip Extension (Right) Compared With Stock Floor Plate (Left)

Installation Problems & Help

The instructions that you get in the package is lacking and insufficient in detail for those not familiar with disassembly and reassembly of a Glock magazine. See back of package picture above. For instruction on how to disassemble and reassemble a Glock magazine see Glock Magazine Disassembly & Cleaning. See also Glock 19 magazine for more pictures and details.

Installing the Pearce PG-2733 on a Glock 26 magazine (9mm).

The installation instructions are unclear and there are questions whether to discard the old insert and install the new insert with Pearce Grip Extension. If you do, the magazine will hold 11 rounds (not 12) and function properly. If you install the extension with no insert, the magazine will hold 12 rounds, but it just doesn't seem right and there is no locking device to keep the extension on the magazine. You cannot use the old (factory) insert with the Pearce Grip Extension. They just don't fit together. To find out what the manufacturer says is the correct way to install their grip extension on a Glock 26 magazine I emailed them the following questions.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am installing your Pearce Grip PG-2733 Grip Extension on a Glock 26 magazine.

Your product comes with a black plastic magazine insert that says “#12733 USE WITH PG2733 FOR M27/M33 APPLICATION”.

That implies that you don’t use it for a Glock 26 installation.

Am I correct in understanding that I am NOT suppose to install the #12733 insert into my Glock 26 magazine?

If not, what do I use? The old (factory) insert will not fit/work with your grip extension.

Someone (on the internet) suggested installing your grip extension without any insert. It was the only way to achieve the two round extra capacity that is advertised. If this is the case, what “locks on” the grip extension to the magazine and prevents it from eventually wiggling off?

Thank you.

Best regards,

Response Received:

You do use the plastic locking cup when installing the PG-2733 on the Glock 26. The markings you see are to distinguish that part for an in house assembly process. We are sorry for the confusion. The two round extra capacity will be gained once the spring is fully broken in. So with a brand new magazine the last extra round will be hard to put in until the gun has been taken to the range and shot a few times. If you have any questions you can give us a call at 1-800-390-9420 and we would be happy to answer them.

Thank you

Pearce Grip Inc.

Shooting With the Pearce Grip PG-2733 Grip Extension

Dry firing and practice with the grip extension installed is great. It feels good in the hand, gives you a better grip on the gun and improves accuracy. Range firing is pending to determine whether the grip extension will pinch your fingers during firing.

Range Test

Actually firing the Glock 26 with the Pearce Grip PG-2733 Grip Extension is a different matter. IT HURTS! It turns out that when the extension is installed in the grip, it leaves a gap (about the width of a quarter). This gap together with the sharply pointed forward edge of the magazine extension pinches your fingers each time the gun is fired. Fortunately there are some fixes for this problem. See Glock Magazine Extension Fix.

Pearce Grip PG-2733 Grip Extension Gap In a Glock 26

Showing Gap That Pinches Your Fingers Showing Gap With A Quarter

Pearce Grip PG-2733 Grip Extension Fixes

1. Install a piece of bicycle inner tube tire on the Glock grip 2. Modify Your Pearce Grip PG-2733 Grip Extension by adding a piece of Velcro Strip

Pearce Grip PG-2733 Grip Extension Fixes

  1. Cut apiece of bicycle inner tube tire and install it over the grip of the gun. Pull the lower edge down so that it covers and wraps around the bottom edge of the grip. This will fill the gap between the grip and the magazine extension and eliminate finger pinching. This fix will help but may not eliminate the pinkie pinch completely. The next fix will do that.

  2. THIS PEARCE GRIP FIX WORKS BETTER! Cut a small piece of black Velcro strip and adhere it to the magazine extension as shown to eliminate finger pinching. Use the soft half of the Velcro (not the scratchy part) with the adhesive backing. Wrap the Velcro around the sharp edge and on the top ledge to fill the gap. Click here for detailed Pearce Grip Pinching Fix Instructions.

Both of these fixes for the Pearce Grip PG-2733 Grip Extension work. If you install the inner tube on the grip you don't have to modify each magazine extension and it may give you a better grip on the gun. If you install the Velcro you have to install it on each magazine.


Questions & Comments


Plus One Grip Extension On A Glock 27

April 20, 2012
I have a G27 and fitted this +1 on two mags; I tried it on an older mag (pre Gen3) and there was no way 10 rounds were going to fit. I tried it on a newer Gen3-vintaged mag and was able to get the 10th round in. Tight fit and the slide was devilish to work with but over time I imagine they will work as advertised.

Here is why I write. You had asked how some folks can get the beast to work right while others couldn't and I think I have something about that. The area where the followers meet the spring on the older mags are different than the newer ones. In fact, they seem to have a little more meat. Also, the older mag seems to have the magazine slot positioned a tad higher than the newer mags; there was definitely more play on the newer mags than on the older ons I have - the older one's have a much tighter fit. These two things might account for there being a little more interior real-estate to work with than the older mags. Or not...

Have a great weekend!


Extra Second Round In The Glock Magazine

July 18, 2011
Thanks for the informative review. I found this wondering why I could not stuff that second extra round into my G26 magazine and your work gave me the answer.



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