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Ghost Ring Sights For Glock Pistols Review



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Glock Ghost Ring Sights Review

Sights Under Review: Tritium Ghost Ring Night Sight Sets For Glock (Mfg: Aro-Tek)

I was at the range today (11/17/2011) shooting my Glock 19 when the range master came up to me and showed me the new Ghost Ring Glock Night Sight +0 Set w/ Night Front & Rear she just installed on her Glock 33 pistol. Last week she and another range master who is also a firearms instructor installed these sights on all their Glock pistols.

She then allowed me to examine her new sights and to try them out. I took her Glock 33 in my hands and examined the rear Ghost ring sight. In place of the normal "u" shaped sight was a small "o" or ring shaped sight. It looked different from rear sights that you would see on most pistols. I aimed her Glock at a target 20 feet away, sighted the target, then fired. It was so easy it seemed like cheating (those were the range master's words).

Using this new sight reminded me of using a "red dot" sight, only there are no electronics involved and this sight is very small. To aim, you just line the front sight up in the center of the ring (with the target in the background) and pull the trigger. It was easy. Far easier than using standard sights. I was able to sight and acquire my target faster and the vertical "up and down" alignment of the front sight with the rear sight was easier to control because all you had to do was keep the dot (front sight) in the center of the ring.

I then performed a one-to-one comparison of her new sights verses my standard Glock sights. I picked up my Glock 19 and sighted a target as quickly as I could, then I put it down and did the same with her Glock 33 equipped with the new sights. I repeated this procedure several times. Hands down her Glock 33 sights were much easier to use and quicker to sight onto the target.

I also believe that the Ghost sights are easier to use that standard sights because the concept of centering a dot in the center of a circle is natural and second nature to people while the use of standard sights is a leaned ability. I also think that the sights may be easier to use for people with poor eyesight, like me.

The only problem that I found with the Ghost sights is that they are not cheap. I was surprised to learn that these particular sights cost a little over $100. I was expecting a price of around $45. I found out later that her sights also had Tritium sights on the rear sight. (I also found out later that you can purchase these sights from Amazon.com or other online stores for around $90.

See also.. Ghost Ring Sights Installation Instructions For Glock 19.

Amazon.com Product Description
The Aro-Tek Ghost Ring Glock Night Sight +0 Set W/ Night Front & Rear (.180 Dot Center) Fits Glock models 17 17L 19 22 23 24 25 26 27 34 35 37 38 39.

I was curious about what other users of Ghost Ring Sights said so I researched it on the internet and couldn't find much information in gun forums. Most of what I saw were favorable comments regarding the sights. Some of the users also referred them as "peep sights".

Aro-Tek's Ghost Ring Sights

  1. Unlike standard three-dot site sets where you focus on the front site while the rear sight is blurry and out of focus, with the Ghost ring sight you focus on the target and let your eye center the front sight in the rear ring. Your eyes and brain seem to do this automatically and naturally.

  2. Two of the range masters at my range liked the Glock Ghost Ring Sights so much that they installed them on their personal Glock pistols.

  3. Glock Ghost Ring Sights make target acquisition faster and easier.

  4. Glock Ghost Ring Sights are good for low light conditions and for individuals with poor eyesight.

Manufacturer's Description:

  1. Draws Your Eye Toward The Target For Faster, More Accurate Sighting. Two, green, tritium-filled vials in the rear plus a single tritium vial in the front blade provide an easy-to-find, 3-dot reference point.

  2. Draws Your Eye Toward The Target For Faster, More Accurate Sighting. Open-aperture, ghost-ring rear sight uses your eye’s natural tendency to align concentric shapes; provides faster, more accurate sighting in all conditions. Light-gathering, ARO-GLOW Front Sight, green, UV sensitive, plastic insert gives an easy-to-see, front dot that works with the rear ghost ring to draw your eye toward the target. Smooth shape won’t snag.



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