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Weak Glock 26 Magazine Spring Causes Failure To Extract & Feed Jam

After many years of problem free shooting of his Glock 26, my friend began having failure to extract problems. To fix this, he cleaned his gun, inspected the chamber, extractor, extractor spring and his magazines looking for a problem. After calling Glock customer service they suggested that it was most likely an extractor problem and that he replace it.


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He replaced the extractor, but still had the same type of failure to extract jam.


Description Of The Jam

When the jam occurred the slide would be back and frozen. The spent case was in the chamber and the next round in the magazine was shoved forward and up against the back of the case in the chamber. To free the jam my friend had to lock the slide back, remove the magazine and push out the old case from the chamber. The old case was not tight in the chamber and it came out easily.


It Looks Like the Jam Is Caused By A Weak Or Old Magazine Spring

He began testing different magazines and it looked like the problem was associated with one magazine.

I will update this page when the issue is resolved.



I searched the internet looking for problems that an old or weak Glock magazine spring could cause and found the following.


Glock 26 Feeding Issue & Failure To Eject/Extract Jam

Usually failures to extract with Glocks can be traced to one or more of these issues.
*Weak magazine spring. (check to see if its only one magazine that you get failures to extract with)
*Worn extractor (over time the extractor spring just wears down)
*Extractor spring needs to be replaced. (sometimes this is the issue too)
All of these issues are very inexpensive to fix.

Source: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20120112112955AApGMGk
Another cause of failure to extract/eject, although perhaps counter-intuitive, is a bad magazine/weak mag spring. This is so because a weak mag spring can allow a roiund to "release" from the mag early as the bolt is extracting the fired case. Then, as the front of the new cartridge rises, it can strike against the extracted case, preventing the case from ejecting and instead, the case is then re-chambered, with the new cartridge then jamming against the re-chambered, fired case.

This phenomena/problem is not, of course, limited to the PF-9, as I have, in the past, had problems even with my 1911s with bad/poor mags. The solution with the 1911s is always to use quality made mags, and I have gone through many in testing over the years to isolate and get rid of bad mags. With both of my 1911s, in fact, the only times I ever experienced any feed or extraction issues was with poor mags.

Thus, in my opinion, many of the various problems experienced with the PF-9 are due to poor quality magazines, which I think are the weakest link in the PF-9. Wish Wolff would start making mag springs for the PF-9. I think it would solve a lot of issues.

Source: http://www.thektog.org/forum/f95/failure-extract-causes-cures-245367/
Failure To Eject (FTEj).

1. Loose Extractor Spring Screw (2G) - Tighten it.
2. Bad Extractor - Replace it.
3. Dirty or Rough Chamber - Clean it and/or polish it
4. Non-compatible ammo - Try other brands.
5. Limp-wristing - Lock your wrist
6. Bad or Missing Ejector (part #115) - Replace it.
7. Poor Slide Lube - Lube it.
8. Dirty Magazine - Clean it.
9. Bad Magazine Spring - Replace it.

Source: http://www.thektog.org/forum/f87/multiple-extraction-failures-244555/
The health of your magazines has a huge impact on the pistol's functionality. The magazine can cause a variety of manfunctions including feeding problems and even failures to eject. Because of the critical nature of the magazine, I recommend that you take genuine precautions to keep them clean and healthy. For starters, I suggest using the Gun Box Magnet to keep your magazines secure instead of just tossing them into your pistol box.

Source: http://www.bullseyepistol.com/malfunction.htm
• Failure to extract. The bullet fired, but the extractor did not pull the fired case from the chamber. Another round could not be fed into the chamber because of this. Sometimes this results in “double-feed” in which the fired shell is still in the chamber, and a live round has been picked up from the magazine and forced against the fired shell. The gun is out of battery with the slide partially open. The magazine may be stuck and will not drop.

Source: http://www.northcarolinasportsman.com/details.php?id=485



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