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Glock 26 Extractor Problem

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Glock 26 Failure To Extract

I was at the range yesterday shooting zombies with my Glock 19. My friend Carl was shooting his Glock 26. About half way through our session Carl had his first jam. Inspection of the jam revealed that the slide was stuck in the rearward position, the empty 9 mm casing was pulled about 1/4 inch out from the chamber and the top most round of ammunition in the magazine was rubbing against it. To unjam it he had to lock the slide back, remove the magazine and push out the casing with a rod. Identical failure to extract (FTE) jams happed about 5 more times during the remaining of our shooting session (50 rounds of ammo).

Note - This same type of jam also happened one time last week while shooting his Glock 26 (50 rounds). We were both surprised when it happened and chalked it up to the reloads that we were shooting or some other unknown fluke. This usually doesn't happen with Glocks.


Determining What Caused The Glock 26 FTE Jams

Our initial thought were to examine the spent cases and case rims for imperfections or marks. Nothing significant was noticed. Carl saved the cases that jammed and was going to examine them further at home under magnification. Nothing new was discovered.


These are the Emails And steps he took to find out and correct the problem

  • Carl, Something I didn't think about "dirty chamber" (from my website) - If the chamber is dirty or has a burr or scratch it could cause the case to hang up. I doubt that this would be the case though. Tanner

  • Tanner, I believe that could be a problem if the case was stuck in the chamber, but today, the case would easily slip out and a couple of times fell out when I pointed the barrel vertical. The extractor had no significant residue but did seem to have a more rounded edge when feeling it compared to my 17. I cleaned it and polished the surfaces some to make it feel more like the 17. Visually I could see nothing significant to differentiate the 26 from the 17. The spring and rod seemed fine. I was going to order a new one but they are expensive $18 - $20. I will call Glock tomorrow and see if they have any thoughts. I will let you know. Carl

  • Carl, They will probably blame it on the reloads. Do you know if all the problems were on one magazine? In hindsight, we probably should have verified the problem with two different magazines. I was just looking at my G26 with a case and the dummy rounds we made and if for some reason the top round was not sitting properly and was canted upwards or maybe even pushed a little forward, then it may be possible for it to cause a problem and provide resistance to the outwardly pulled case. Tanner

  • Tanner, I spoke with Glock and the armorer said he thinks it may be the extractor. He cannot send a new part. I told him what I did to the extractor and will try it again. If it still is a problem, I will switch it with my 17’s extractor before purchasing a new one. He said that was a good way to find the problem. I also told him I would mark the magazines to see if there was any correlation. He said I could also send it back and they would fix it. I will see what happens Thursday. Carl

  • Tanner, I ordered a new extractor plus a spare. It appears this is not that an unusual problem. It may be a material problem with some of them. The Lone Wolf extractors were rated higher than the stock Glock so I bought the LW. They were also $2 less than the Glock. They are scheduled to arrive Monday so I will have it installed for next week so we will see if it is really the extractor or something else. Jack and I compared my 26 extractor and his 26 extractor and we could see a difference. Mine appeared more worn. Carl

  • Tanner, The extractor arrived and I installed it. When looking at the original with a strong magnifying glass I can see wear on the claw face. I also modified the safety lever so it is smoother. I may reduce the size of the lever more but it is easier to reduce than add so I will try this then decide. You try it also and see what you think. See you tomorrow. Carl

  • Carl, Range tomorrow? Reminder – Bring your old extractor. Also, if you can bring your new spare extractor. I will take the pictures of both at the range so I won’t have to take them home with me. Thanks, Tanner

    The following day Carl shot his Glock 26 with the newly installed Lone Wolf extractor. About half way through the shooting session he had another failure to extract. Strange as it was I also had a failure to extract but with my Glock 19 (my first one after shooting over 20,000 rounds through it). I think my Glock 19 failure to extract was because of dirt in the claw of the extractor (at least I hope so). I documented it here. http://www.tannersgun.com/glock-19-failure-to-extract.aspx

  • I took pictures of the original Glock 26 factory extractor as well as the Lone Wolf extractor for comparison purposed. Pictures of your extractors can be found at the following pages.





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