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Glock 19 Slide Disassembly & Cleaning

Step by step instructions with photographs for disassembling and cleaning the slide of a Glock 19 semi-automatic pistol. The slide is one of the most neglected parts of a Glock. It is important to periodically clean the slide and all of it's components to ensure the proper functioning of your Glock.


Glock 19 Slide Cover

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Glock 19 Slide Assembly Parts

Exploded View Parts

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Glock 19 Slide Disassembly Instructions

Remove the slide by field stripping your Glock pistol. After the slide has been removed and externally cleaned disassemble it by performing the following.

Cover Plate
The cover plate is on the
back of the slide.

TheG19 Slide Cover Plate is on the back of the slide. The slide cover plate must be removed to access the slide internal components. Option: Orange Slide Cover Plate.
Little Cup
This is the little cup.

The cover plate fits into the grooves on the back of the Glock slide. It is held in place by spring tension from the underside.

Cover Plat Removal
Push down on cup
and pry off plate.

Using a Glock Tool or a small screwdriver or punch, take the pressure off of the cover plate from the striker by pushing down on the "little cup" on the striker. The little cup is spring loaded. While holding the little cup down, take a small screwdriver and carefully start to pry open the back plate. Don't damage the cover plate. After it starts to move use a larger screwdriver to complete the removal of the cover plate. A larger bladed screw driver gives you more "prying ability".

Slide off/remove
the cover plate.

Remove it slowly as springs are under pressure beneath it and may pop out if you are not careful.

Slide cover plate removed.

Slide cover plate removed.

Striker removed.

Turn the slide upside down or shake it to remove the striker (firing pin).

Plunger tube for the
extractor removed.

Remove the small plunger tube for the extractor from the little hole in the back.

Push down on the
firing pin safety.

Take out the extractor by pushing the firing pin safety.

Extractor slides out.

Extractor coming out.

Extractor removed.

Extractor removed.

Lift out the firing
pin safety & spring.

Remove the firing pin safety and firing pin safety spring. They just lift out.

Firing pin safety & spring.

Firing pin safety and firing pin safety spring.

Glock 19 Slide Parts.

All removable parts are now removed from the slide.

Glock 19 Slide Parts.
Parts shown include (from left to right) slide, extractor, firing pin safety and spring, striker, plunger tube & spring, back plate


Cleaning The Glock 19 Slide

Using a solvent, rubbing alcohol or cleaner that won't leave grease or residue clean all the parts. If you use a q-tip to clean the firing pin channel make sure you don't leave bits or stands of cotton. Dry all parts. Caution - do not get oil into the striker pin channel.

Reassembly of Glock 19 Slide Components

Reinstall all slide components in the reverse order. Refer to the above pictures for component orientations and positions. Insert plunger tube (spring in the back) into the back small hole. Insert the firing pin block with small spring back into it's little hole and depress it to get the extractor in. Position or install the extractor then let go of the firing pin block. The extractor should now be locked into place. Install the striker into the striker channel. To install the back plate you have to push down against the springs on the striker and the plunger tube while at the same time installing the back plate. The back plate will snap into place.

Glock 19 Functional test

Test the striker to make sure it is free and correctly installed by depressing the striker block the shake the slide. You should hear the clanking of the striker inside of the striker channel freely moving back and forth. The slide is now back together and ready for reinstallation onto the receiver.


Removing & Installing Glock 19 Extractor

January 26, 2012
How can i disassemble and assemble the Glock 19 extractor?


Response - Reynaldo

It shows how to do that on the page you visited.

In Picture.. Glock 19 Slide Disassembly -6
"Take out the extractor by pushing the firing pin safety"

It will just fall out if you shake it a little or you can push it out with a small screw driver or your fingernail (with no force at all).



Disassembling A Glock Slide

January 20, 2012
Thank you very much, made life easy for me!!


Need To Remove Glock Slide Cover Plate

August 19, 2011
No, it wasn't helpful. I need to remove the slide cover plate without messing it up and it didn't explain how to do it.

Response - Ed,
You were looking at the wrong page. Slide cover plate removal can be found at the following page (he was looking at the wrong page).

Thank you, it's easy once you read the right instructions.


Glock Slide References

  1. An excellent video on how to disassemble the slide of a Glock 26 and to clean the firing pin (or stricker) can be found here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7VTIqAMPOco


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