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Glock 19 Problems

If you are thinking of getting a Glock 19 and are looking into "what's bad about the Glock 19", let me save you some work. Here is a summary of what I found out about "Glock 19 Problems". If you have a problem with your Glock please see Diagnosing & Repairing Glock Pistol Problems.

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Glock 19 Feeding Issues

I purchased a Glock 19 yesterday and went to the range from the shop. Fired about 40 rounds through and the gun jammed. It ejected the spent casing and jammed when it fed a new round into the chamber it got stuck. The round was pushed almost vertical with the nose of the bullet just inside the chamber. I was shooting Remington 115 grain metal case. The temp was about 25 degrees. It happened 3 times, each time I reloaded the round and it fed properly. My buddy (long time Glock owner)took it apart and noticed it looked a little dry so we lubed it some and had no issues for the last 20-30 rounds. I'm just wondering if it just happened because it was fresh from the shop and needed a little oil or maybe just a break-in period. January 25, 2009

Glock 19 Problem

My G19, which I love dearly has developed a serious feeding problem. Before I start, lets PLEASE not have another discussion about everyone's personal opinion about how great or awful the Glock is;) So here's the problem: My G19 feeds great until it hits the last round or two in the 10 round mags, then the bullet is not lifted high enough to guide onto the ramp, it just hits the bottom of the ramp with half of the round below said ramp, thereby jamming the pistol. It is easily fixed with a Tap-Rack-Bang, but it is doing this with a fair degree of regularity. I know it sounds like a mag problem, but these are fairly new mags and the spring tension is great. Does anyone else have similar problems? 05-24-2003

Recoil problem with Glock 19

The recoil spring in my G19 is always slipping out of spot where you push it into when assembling the pistol after break down. On the barrel, there is a circular groove that you depress the spring into. I seat the spring all the way into this grove, but after I rack the slide back and take it apart again, the spring has slipped almost all the way out of the groove and is barely hanging in there... if it were to slip another 16th of an inch, it would simply fly out when I took the receiver off the frame. What is wrong? I would hate to have this thing not work when I really needed it to... October 5, 2008

Glock 19 problems, help needed

After reading about the G19 on the board and shooting one owned by a friend, I decided I needed to purchase one. However, Massachusetts law prohibits me from purchasing any Glock made before some date in 1998 (for "consumer safety" reasons). So I ended up with a early 3rd generation police trade-in. It also came with 2 preban hi-caps (and I bought a 3rd one). Obvious holster wear on the outside, but after cleaning it up, the inside seems very good overall. I took it to the range today, and overall things went well. I did have 2 problems though:1. While FMJ ammo did fine, when I packed the mags to capacity with 147 gr HST, the first 2 rounds would not fully cycle into the chamber. The rounds were stuck halfway out of the magazine. After the first 2 there were no problems. Does this sound like a mag problem? New followers or springs needed? 2. When slamming a new LOADED mag into the magwell, THE SLIDE CLOSES BY ITSELF! This happens with all my magazines. In a way, this seems like a benefit, but I would rather that this not happen. Any ideas? 10/18/2008

Glock 19 Extractor problems

I am having some problems with my G19. I am getting about 5 Fail to extracts per magazine. I have cleaned and recleaned and still getting the failures. I took my 19 and my 22 apart and the only difference I can find is that the 19 doesn't have the spring loaded bearing in the end of the extractor depressor plunger spring that goes in the extractor depressor plunger. My question does the 19 have this little plastic bearing. Maybe I lost it in a prior cleaning? Jan 2010

Glock 19 problems...

Guys, Man, what a terrible day. Yesterday I was blasting with my G19 (A Gen three with the beveled barrel hood). I shot about 300 rounds. Early on in the shooting (with Winchester white box) I had a round stuck hanging from the side of the gun port. I ignored it because my gun has gone through about 2k rounds without a jam. Later (about 200 rounds) I had a classic "stovepipe" with Atlanta arms ammo. During this the G19 was tossing brass into my face about every 10-12 shots. During this I rented a Gen II G19 from the range and blasted about 75 rounds. No problems, no brassinface with the rental. Sep 2007

Glock 19 extractor problem

Hey fellas, school has been driving me insane so I've been putting off fixing the G19 I bought, but I'm really frustrated and have been doing homework for hours, so I'm ready for something else. Anyway, the problem with this pistol is the extractor. It sticks every time if I release the slide via the slide release, and randomly if I "slingshot" the pistol to chamber a round. I took the slide completely apart and cleaned all the poo that was in it out of there, hoping that would fix it, and while everything works smoother now, it still hangs up. I can free up the extractor by pushing the firing pin safety plunger, but you obviously can't do that while the pistol is assembled. Any advice on what to do to fix this problem? November 30, 2009


All handguns have some problems. Gun problems that you read about on the internet are to be taken with some skepticism. You don't really know if the problem was with the gun, the ammunition or the person shooting it. After all of my research I decided to purchase a Glock 19 and I am glad that I did. My Glock 19 turned out to be my most favorite and reliable gun.

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Feedback Comments & Questions


Glock 19 Slide Locks Back With Rounds In Magazine

August 28, 2011
I'm havinng this problem with my glock 19. When I fire a round, the slide comes back and stays like it suppose to do when the last bullet is fired. The slide stop lever goes up and catches the slide. Could a weak guild spring cause this, and letting the slide come back to far.

Response - Steve,

I think you are saying that the slide on your Glock 19 locks back after you fire a round and you still have rounds in the magazine.

I wouldn't think that your recoil spring assembly is the problem. My first guess would be that there is something wrong with your slide stop lever. I would suggest removing it, cleaning it, inspecting it, then re-installing it.

If you get a chance later, I would be curious to know what your problem turned out to be and how you finally fixed it. Thanks.

Best regards,


Follow-Up Message From Steve

Glock 19 slide lock problem fixed. Slide lock lever was put in wrong end of spring was not push down.



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