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Glock 19 Mag Well (Magazine Well) Review

MW003 Polymer Mag Well for Glocks - Glock Model 19


MW003 Polymer Mag Well for Glocks
MW003 Polymer Mag Well for Glocks

Glock 19 with Mag Well Installed
Glock 19 with Mag Well Installed

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Glock 19 Magazine Well: Why Do You Need One?

Adding a magazine well to the grip will make your Glock 19 shoot better, feel better, and be more accurate. The standard Glock 19 grip is flat and may be short for larger hands. The magazine well fits on the bottom of the grip. It allows you hand to have a more consistent placement because the magazine well forces you to place your hand in the same spot every time. Check out the price of a Small Glock Lightweight Mag Well.

A Glock 19 Magazine Well

  1. Forces your hand into the same and correct spot each time.

  2. Gives you more control of the gun because you grasp it higher.

  3. Both of these features give you better accuracy and consistent shooting.

Glock Magazine Well Installation Instructions
MW003 Polymer Mag Well for Glock 19

MW003 Polymer Mag Well for Glock 19
Components: sleeve, insert, Allen screw (included)
This is the insert that goes inside the hole behind the magazine well in the bottom grip of the Glock. Remove the Allen screw before installation.
This is the sleeve that goes over the bottom lip of the guns grip.
The insert fits into the back hole. Push it straight down in as far as possible. Tap with a mallet to ensure it seats all the way down such that it sits just a little below flush level (about 1/8" or so). Note - the insert fits tightly in the hole with friction fit and will not pull out with your fingers.
The insert fully seated in the grip of the gun.

If you ever want to remove it - you must insert the Allen screw, turn it down a couple of turns, then take a pliers and using the leverage from the bottom of the grip pull up and out.
Place the sleeve onto the bottom of the Glock 19 grip. It doesn't take much force to push the sleeve over the lip of the grip.
Insert the Allen screw into the insert and tighten (snug tight) the Mag Well into place. Do not over tighten.
Mag Well installation is complete.

Test it's function with a magazine.
Glock Magazine Well MW003 Installation Instructions
Polymer Mag Well for Glocks - Glock Model 19)

These instructions were included with my purchase of the Glock Mag Well MW003.



The MW003 Polymer Mag Well for Glocks was easy to install and only took a few minutes. I lubricated the insert with gun oil before I attempted to insert it into the back hole in the grip of my gun. At first I thought it was a little big because it did not seem to fit well but after moving it around and putting the smaller rounded end in first it went in easily with just a little bit of force. I was able to seat it down to about 1/8" below the surface without hitting it with a mallet at they do in the installation video.


When I first grabbed the grip of the gun with the Mag Well installed it had a totally different feel to what I was used to. My fingers (my pinky in particular) felt "scrunched" but not in a bad way. It forms a sort of cup for the hand and makes it easier to grip the gun tighter without using additional force. It will definitely give me a better grip on the gun when I shoot it. I think this "reshaping" of the grip will be of more benefit to me than the ability to insert magazines faster.


Even if you don't have the need for speedy replacement of your magazine, the enhanced ability to firmly and correctly grasp the grip of the gun is well worth the price of the Mag Well.

Problem with Glock 19 Magazine Well?

Not really. When I was shooting at the range yesterday I let the rangemaster shoot my Glock 19 with my newly installed magazine well. After he shot it I noticed that the magazine well became dislodged and shifted about 1/16" downward. Apparently his hands were larger than mine and he exerted more squeeze on the grip which forced the magazine downward slightly. Not really a problem. When I got home I just removed it, cleaned and reinstalled it and tightened the Allen screw just a little bit tighter this time.

Glock Magazine Wells (Mag Well) Reviews

At the glockstore.com 18 reviewers rated the Glock Mag Well 4.5 out of 5. Here are some of the most pertinent reviewer comments.

  1. "Just make sure the well goes around the grip and up about 1/2 inch. If not it will lay flush against the bottom of the grip and not mount securely."

  2. "Anyway, at first I thought that this mag well just didn't fit and I began to get upset about it, but then after calming down, I took my Glock tool, stuck it inside of the hex bold on the mag well and tapped the plug down a little bit. I then pushed on the plug a little more and the mag well popped on like a glove. *TIP: I would suggest for anyone else... to put some oil on the Mag Wells' plug that goes inside of the frame of this pistol and then the mag well may slide in a little easier for you."

  3. "If you are just putting this on your personal defense gun, I'd get the polymer one, but if you are getting one for your competition Glock, I'd get a heavy aluminum one just to help with recoil somewhat."

  4. "Please take the time to very carefully seat the screw lock piece properly. It takes some dexterity and no sanding, filing or Dremel smoothing is needed. It is a precision fit. Get it started by hand, gently tap with a small mallet until it is about 1/8 inch below the surface, hold the well in place and gently tighten the cap head screw. It installs easily and looks great. Very functional."

  5. "The extension piece does require modification for a proper fit, also be careful how much you tighten down the Allen screw that secures the enhancer to the grip. I followed the instructional video suggestions to securely tighten the Allen screw and it cracked the screw hole right on the mold line of the enhancer. This is not a Glock product! The Glock Store did offer to replace my broken grip enhancer."

  6. "I fitted up a polymer mag well on my G34, and I quickly noticed multiple improvements. The mag well gives the pinkie finger side of the hand a nice resting place and adds significantly to a more firm feel of the grip, it almost seems to assist you in getting lined up quickly, it makes for faster and easier mag insertions, adds virtually no extra weight (the polymer model), and an unseen extra is that it gives you a firmer grip on the handle (if you found yourself in a situation where someone was attempting to take your Glock out of your hand to turn it against you!). Overall, it adds quite a bit of a secure feeling to your hand on the grip, yet it's not so large as to be obnoxious or in the way. And, in a roundabout way, it helps seal up the back of the bottom of the handle too. It's a pretty snug fit to get it positioned up fully into position, then the Allen head bolt draws up the lower portion of the mag well into the locked position against a smaller wedge insert that goes up in the back of the grip, so it's not going to drop off! I've shown it to several other Glock owners, and they were surprised at how much more of a solid grip feel the mag well gives you. Whadda 'ya waiting' on???....order one today and give it a try, and chances are that you'll be pretty happy with this addition."

  7. "You get two benefits for the price of one, 1st you get incredible grip stability and you also get the back strap chamber plugged."



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