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Favorite Pocket Holster for Ruger LCP .380 Pistol


Blackhawk Inside-the-Pocket Holster and Ruger LCP 380

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Ruger LCP Pocket Holster

Many pocket holstersare available for the Ruger LCP .380 pistol. The best ones will hold the gun steady in your pocket, cover the trigger, prevent "printing" of the gun through your pants, keep your gun clean (as well as your pants) and allow you to quickly retrieve the firearm with one hand. See all my LCP Holsters.

My Favorite
Blackhawk Inside Pocket Holster

What Are The Main Features Of A Pocket Holster?

  1. Prevents perspiration from damaging the gun

  2. Keeps the weapon retrained and upright in the pants pocket

  3. Protects your clothing from gun oil/residues

  4. Keeps the outline of the gun from "printing" through your pants

  5. Covers the trigger to prevent accidental discharge

  1. Keeps your gun clean (especially the bore) and free of lint and materials

Features To Look For When Buying a Pocket Holster for Your Ruger LCP

  1. One With An Unobstructed Or Free Grip - The ability to retrieve your pistol using one hand is very important. "Full cover" pocket holsters (with padding that covers the entire pistol, including the grip) may make it hard to retrieve your weapon with one hand. Your other hand may be required to steady or manipulate the holster so your gun hand can feel around for the grip. Your other hand may also be required to restrain the holster so it does no come out with the gun as you withdraw it from your pocket. "L" shaped Pocket holsters (holsters that do not cover the grip of the gun). See Blackhawk Size 1 holster picture. This type of holster allows for the easiest and most natural grabbing of the gun. When you stick your hand in your pocket the grip of the gun comes naturally in your hand. You don't have to feel around for it or push the holster material aside with your fingers. This type of holster also has a tendency to be lighter with the gun not held as firmly into the holster as there is less holster padding restraining on the gun.

  2. One Made From Thin And Lightweight Materials - Heavier and thicker holsters will be felt more in the pocket. The bulge will be more noticeable. The lightest and thinnest holsters are the best.

  3. One That Won't Come Out Of Your Pocket When You Draw Your Gun.

  4. One That Will Not Show The Imprint Or Outline Of You Gun Though Your Pants Pocket

  5. One That Will Not "Open The Mouth" Of Your Pants Pocket So That The Person Standing Behind You In Line At The Supermarket Cannot See The Grip Of Your Gun.

  6. One That Will Properly Keep The Gun Restrained In Your Pocket If You Run Or Jump Around.

  7. One That Won't Jam You Finger Cuticles As You Reach Into Your Pocket For Your Gun.

  1. One That Will Allow You To Retrieve You Gun With One Hand Without Fumbling Around.

Other Pocket Holsters for Ruger LCP

Home Made

Home Made

Blackhawk Size 1 Pocket Holster

This pocket holster fits small autos and Ruger LCP pistols. The laminate construction prevents perspiration from damaging the gun and keeps the weapon upright in the pants pocket. We carry this holster regularly as a pocket holster. This holster will fit the common pocket pistols like the Ruger LCP, KelTec P3AT and .32, the Taurus TCP and other similar pistols. If you have a laser mounted on the gun, go with the size 2 holster, also in stock.

Laminate construction lessens outline of gun, cushions wearers leg from sharp contours of the firearm, and provides a barrier against perspiration.

Open-top holster provides grip-up positioning and protects the weapon in the pocket

Non-slip material band surrounds holster body to retain holster in pocket when firearm is drawn

The Blackhawk Pocket Holster Size 1 will fit the following guns

(from the blackhawk.com website)

  1. Small Autos (.22-.25 cal)

  2. Most .380s

  3. 2" 5-shot revolvers, Ruger / Kel-Tec .380s

  4. Most sub compact 9mm / .40 Autos, Ruger LCR

One reviewer on Amazon.com tells of a mod that he made to the holster that allows him to carry and extra magazine with the holster.

"I also did a very common mod to it. By cutting the stitches that hold the upper portion of the little tab, it creates a large enough opening to use the tab as a magazine holder. When you do this, it gives it more of a "wallet" appearance and cuts down even more of the printing allowing you to wear jeans and a t-shirt without anybody giving you a second look. With the LCP and extra magazine in place, it's only about 1.5" longer than a typical bi-fold wallet and it's the same width."

I see two things wrong with doing this modification to the pocket holster.

1. The protruding magazine may obstruct the "easy grabbing" of the pistols grip, the very best feature that I like about this holster. When you stick your hand into your pocket your hand naturally wraps around the grip of the gun. The extra magazine will block of obstruct your fingers.

2. You always want your spare magazine to be accessible to your free hand and not your gun hand, so you would want your magazine in your other pocket. You don't want to have to put your gun into your left hand while you reach into with your pocket with your right hand to retrieve the magazine. You would then have to swap hand again to insert the new magazine into the gun. Way too cumbersome and time consuming.





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