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Bond Arms Snake Slayer Derringer Pistol Review


Snake Slayer Derringer
Snake Slayer Derringer


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The Bond Arms Snake Slayer derringer pistol is a double barrel stainless steel derringer that shoots large caliber 410 shot shells or 45 Long Colt ammunition. It has a 3.5" barrel that is interchangeable with other barrels of different calibers. It is a "break open" action pistol that holds two rounds of ammo. It weights 22 oz., has fixed sights, extended custom Rosewood grips and a removable trigger guard. As of August 6, 2011 the Bond Arms Snake Slayer Derringer Pistol cost about $410. See also Bond Arms Driving Holster Review.

First Impressions Of The Bond Snake Slayer Derringer

Last week my friend bought one of these small derringers. Yesterday he brought it to the range and he shot it for the first time. When I first picked up the gun I was surprised at how heavy it was. I never held a derringer before and I always had the impression that derringers were small lightweight pocket guns. This one was small, but definitely not light weight. It was a small solid chunk of stainless steel. It appeared to be of very high quality and felt very solid and well made (in the USA). This looked like a gun that will last a lifetime and won't break down.

Snake Slayer Derringer Pictures

Loading the Snake Slayer Derringer
Loading The Derringer
45 Long Colt Ammo
45 Long Colt Ammo

Right Side

Two Firing Pins

Break Open Action

Top View


Left View

Open Action

Right Handed Shooting

Bottom View

Loading 45 Colt

Right Handed Shooting

View From The Top

Right Side -Action Open

Action Open Button


Double Barrel

45 Long Colt


2 Firing Pins

Action Open Button


Shooting The Snake Slayer Derringer

  1. When my friend first told me he bought a derringer that shoots 45 Long Colt and 410 shells I though to myself (man, that's got to hurt when you shoot it). Such a large caliber in such a small gun. Turns out, I was wrong. The recoil wasn't bad at all. Probably because of the heavy weight and design of the grip and frame. Shooting a .357 magnum revolver had far greater recoil than shooting 45 Long Colt from the Snake Slayer.

  2. When it was my turn to shoot it I noticed that the grip was a little different from what I was used to shooting. My hand sat higher on the grip and (for me) it felt a bit awkward. My friend and another shooter of the gun (the range master) had no problem with it. Loading this little gun with 45 Long Colt ammunition was a little bit intimidating. I am used to shooting (and reloading) 9mm Luger ammo and this 45 Long Colt is gigantic in comparison. It also made a much larger hole in the target (of course).

  3. Shooting it, turned out to be no problem. The recoil was not bad but unfortunately I was unable to hit the target. My friend has no such problem and shot on target each time (well almost). I later concluded that this gun might not be for those with nerve damage in their hand (like I do) or possibly those with arthritis. People with normal hands should do OK.

What Type of Ammo Does The Snake Slayer Shoot?

The derringer is chambered for .410 and 45 Long Colt ammunition. It will accept all the extra interchangeable Bond barrels giving it the capacity to shoot other calibers. Bond inter-changeable barrels include:

22LR 22 Mag .40 S&W
.44 Special .45 ACP .45 Colt / .410
.45 GAP 327 Federal Magnum 357/38 Special
44/.40 9mm 10mm

My friend bought his Snake Slayer with the .45 Long Colt/410 Shot Shell barrel. He later tested various types of ammo in it to determine which was best for him. Test results and shot patterns can be seen at Shot Patterns: Bond Derringer Shooting 410 Shot Shell & 45 Long Colt Ammunition.

Ammo & Shot Patterns (410/45 Colt Barrel)

Winchester 410 PDXI

Winchester 410 Buckshot 3 Pellet

Remington 410 Buckshot 4 Pellet

45 Long Colt Ammunition

1. Winchester 410 PDXI Shot Shell Pattern; 2 Shots Fired; Distance: 10 ft.

2. Winchester 410 Buckshot 3 Pellet Shot Shell Pattern; 2 Shots Fired; Distance: 10 ft.

3. Remington 410 Buckshot 4 Pellet Shot Shell Pattern; 2 Shots Fired; Distance: 10 ft.

4. 45 Long Colt Pattern
10 Feet Distance


This derringer is a great little gun that packs a big wallop. It appears to be a good weapon to defend against snakes and I would assume that it would do a comparable job against human attackers for self defense. The quality and workmanship of the gun looks to be excellent.

Questions that I asked my friend about his Snake Slayer Derringer.

  1. Why Buy A Derringer?
    Response: I wanted a small size large caliber weapon.

  2. Why By A Derringer With Such A Large Caliber?
    Response: I wanted a large caliber to be effective in a close range defensive situation.

  3. How Much Recoil Does a 45 Colt Derringer Have?
    Response: The recoil is not much more than a 9mm and is more comfortable to fire than my pocket 380 Taurus TCP.

  4. How Do You Plan To Carry It?
    Response: I plan to carry it as a car weapon using a cross draw holster

  5. Do You Plan To Purchase Other Caliber Barrels?
    Response: I do not plan on purchasing any other barrels at this time. The 45 Colt & 410 caliber is what I was looking for.

Snake Slayer Specifications

The Snake Slayer has the 3.5" dual caliber .410/45LC barrel chambered for the 3" shot shell, comes with a removable trigger guard and will accept any of the barrels offered.

Type - Derringer
Action - Break Open
Caliber - 410/45 Long Colt with 3″ chambers
Barrel Length - 3.5"
Capacity - 2 rd
Safety - Crossbolt
Grips - Extended Custom Rosewood
Sights - Fixed
Weight - 22 oz.
Barrels - Interchangeable Barrels
Automatic Extractor
(EXCEPT FOR 9mm,40S&W,10mm and .45 ACP)

Rebounding Hammer
Retracting Firing Pins
Spring-Loaded Cammed Locking Lever
Trigger guard
Stainless Steel with Satin Polish Finish


BOND ARMS, INC. is located in Granbury, TX. They manufacture and sell guns throughout the U.S. and Canada. Six models of derringers are available with 14 interchangeable barrels (Bond Arms Barrels). The barrels are made of the highest quality heavy duty stainless steel which will fit on any of their guns. Interchangeable grips are also available. Bond Arms offers a Lifetime Warranty. Bond Arms guns are not available in California or Massachusetts.


Feedback Messages


Snake Slayer Accuracy

 March 24, 2013
Just purchased a "snake slayer" in .45colt/.410 shot. Haven't had chance to test it yet. I realize it's a close quarter combat weapon, but want to know what I can expect as to accuracy. Thanks in advance!

Response - Victor,
I have no knowledge about the technical accuracy of the pistol. I assume it to be quite accurate. I couldn't hit anything with it my first time but my friend (the owner of the gun) did quite well shooting a paper plate at 20 feet. With practice, I wouldn't expect accuracy to be a problem.
Best regards, Tanner


Bond Arms Century 2000

September 12, 2012
I purchased the Bond Arms Century 2000 for concealed carry. I went to a recent gun show in Austin Tx and found one there. Once I got it in my hand I knew it had to be ! This is no toy gun! with the 410/45 colt option it is a deadly/knock em backwards hand cannon.Very simple and safe in design and built tank tough. A bit heavy but so am I. Bond Arms side holster is also a high quality piece, I opted for the clip-on but sometimes think the belt thru might be better in case of a struggle.


Love Shooting The Snake Slayer Derringer

March 20, 2012
I purchased new snake slayer couple weeks ago i love shooting it 3ince magnums triple o buck i have RA but manage recoil and trigger


Mixing Calibers With The Snake Slayer Derringer

February 02, 2012
Is it possible to mix the calibers on the snake slayer at the same time? Example: 410 below and sd above: or 22mag and 410 on same weapon. Is the snake slayer available in Belgium?

Response - Nick,

I am pretty sure the answer is "NO" (except for when the barrel is rated for two calibers like 357/38 Special and .45 Colt / .410).

If you have the .45 Colt / .410 barrel I believe you can place a .45 Colt in the top and .410 in the bottom or vice versa. Likewise with the 357/38 Special.

Each double barrel is only for the one caliber(s). To change to other calibers you have to change barrels.

Both upper and lower barrels are identical. The entire barrel subassembly must be removed and replaced with a different size, i.e. 38/357 or 22, or 45 ACP etc. to switch calibers.

I don’t know if the Snake Slayer is available in Belgium. You will have to contact Bond Arms Customer Service for the answer.


Follow-up Email
Thank you for the quick reply. I appreciate your effort.



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