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Ameriglo Ghost Ring GL-122 Sights Review

RECOMMENDATION: Buy one if you want good sights but don't want to spend much money. This is a great sight set for a Glock 19 but it has it's drawbacks. When I scape up some more money I think I will buy a Aero-Tek Tritium Ghost Ring Night Sight Set (because they are easier to see and use).


Ameriglo Ghost Ring Plain GL-122 Sight Set
Installed On A Glock 19

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Ameriglo Ghost Ring GL-122 Sight Set

  1. Improves Performance

  2. Makes Aiming Easier & Faster

  3. Inexpensive

  1. All Black Front Sight Is Hard To See

  2. No Alignment Marks On Back Sights

  3. No Installation Instructions

  4. No Front Sight Installation Tool

Compare It With Glock Factory Sights

Glock 19
Factory Sights

Ameriglo Ghost
Ring Sight

The above pictures compare the Glock 19 factory sights against the Ameriglo Ghost Ring Plain GL-122 rear sight. They are shown in comparable views. The original factory front sight is shown in all pictures. At the time of the pictures, I did not install the front sight that came with the Ameriglo because it was all black and had no white or colored sight dot. It was just a plain black front sight which I did not like. Since there is only a .04" difference in height between the Ameriglo front sight (which is taller) and the Glock factory front sight, I am hoping I can get by with the factory sight. (Update - The difference in height made too big of a difference and I had to change the factory front sight with the front sight that came with the Ameriglo Ghost Ring. I had to paint my own "dot" on the front sight to make it usable).

Why Buy The Ameriglo Ghost Ring?

I decided to buy one for my Glock 19. I chose it over the Aero-Tek Ghost Ring Night Sights solely due to the price. The Ameriglo sight costs around $30 while the Aero-Tek cost about $95. I reasoned that I did not need the tritium feature since I would be shooting my gun in a well lit indoor range. If I ever did have to shoot the gun in self defense or low light conditions I would point shoot and not use the sights anyway.

When I received the sights I was disappointed that the front sight was all black (no dot), did not come with installation instructions and did not come with the installation tool needed to install the front sight.

Ghost Ring Sight Set Installation

My new sights did not come with any installation instructions. These Installation Instructions are what I pieced together from various internet resources. I did not have any sight installation/removal tools for my installation. I used just what I had around the house.

Glock Ghost Ring; Ameriglo Glock Ghost Ring; Ameriglo Glock Ghost Ring; Ameriglo Glock Ghost Ring; Ameriglo Glock Ghost Ring; Ameriglo

 Glock Ghost Ring; Ameriglo Glock Ghost Ring; Ameriglo Glock Ghost Ring; Ameriglo Glock Ghost Ring; Ameriglo Glock Ghost Ring; Ameriglo

Testing the Ameriglo Ghost Ring At The Range

The ghost ring worked great. I was able to acquire the target faster and easier and it actually improved my shooting.  UDATE - After shooting my Glock 19 with the new ring sights for over 2 months (and 1,000 rounds), the front sight came loose. Here is the related correspondence I had with my friend about it.

February 2, 2012
I just cleaned my Glock 19 and noticed that my front sight came loose (the one that I installed). It is held in with a internal screw and Loctite. It occurs to me that this is a potential failure point. It the screw should wiggle loose and fall out inside the slide it could get caught in the rails or get batted around by the barrel and cause damage or malfunction. I will have to think about this a little more.

It should not get loose with Loctite if the surfaces are clean. Do you have more Loctite? If so, clean all threads with alcohol and reassemble. I had the same problem with my Ruger MK III but after disassembling the sight, cleaning it and reassembling with Loctite, I have not had a problem. Also a loose front sight will have a very detrimental effect on accuracy. I would expect a SIGNIFICANT improvement next week!!! Carl

I just finished doing that but I do not have the proper tool, a sight installation wrench. My "modified" socket wrench is the right size but doesn’t fit properly into the cramped space between the hex and the slide wall. I did the best I could for now. I will order the correct sight wrench tool (Wiha Nutdriver, Precision, 3/16", 6.1" OAL as well as Henkel 01-24200 Loctite 6-ml Threadlocker 242) and do it up right. No wonder I was “off” today.

This is the sight set that I will buy next time.

Amazon.com Product Description
The Aro-Tek Ghost Ring Glock Night Sight +0 Set W/ Night Front & Rear (.180 Dot Center) Fits Glock models 17 17L 19 22 23 24 25 26 27 34 35 37 38 39.



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